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Whether you're a brand looking to redefine your strategy or a start-up seeking guidance, I’m here to elevate the experience. Discover the art of storytelling through pitch power hours, experience design, and creative strategy tailored just for you. 

Let's create something extraordinary together...

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From £500 

Intensive, focused sessions to refine and perfect your pitch. More than an hour, these sessions provide personalised advice, strategic insights and an actionable blueprint. 


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Designing engaging experiences for brands that captivate and connect with audiences.


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Crafting strategies that are not only innovative but also align with your brand, business goals and market needs.

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What is a Pitch Power Hour?

A "Pitch Power Hour" is an intensive workshop that extends up to two hours, designed to supercharge your pitch development and execution. Prior to the session, I review your pitch ready for an interactive workshop to create a blueprint for success with actionable suggestions and follow up. 

Depending on your specific needs, services vary:

  • NYLon Life
    I split my time between New York and London, living a NYLon life with four months a year in New York and the remainder in London.
  • Dating app Founder
    I co-founded the dating app, Oneder. It succeeded because I met my now Husband through it but failed because it no longer exists!
  • Middle East Expat
    I've lived in Dubai for 4 years and have spent a lot of time in the Middle East consulting for projects in KSA and UAE.

This workshop is not just about tweaking; it’s an investment in transforming your approach to ensure clarity, creativity, and impact.

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What is Experience Design (XD)?

Experience design (XD) is the art of crafting products, services, and environments that are not only incredibly functional but also wildly enjoyable to use. It's where design meets user insight to create emotional connections and delightful interactions. XD is a fun blend of psychology, technology, art, and beyond, focused on making every touchpoint exciting and engaging. XD aims to turn everyday experiences into memorable adventures, all while aligning with the brand and broader business goals. 

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What is Creative Strategy?

Creative strategy is the magic wand that turns ordinary encounters into extraordinary adventures, providing the 'why' behind what we're doing. It weaves together innovation, insight, and imagination to design experiences that not only engage and delight but also leave a lasting impact. Whether it’s transforming a routine product launch into an interactive spectacle or elevating a simple gathering into an unforgettable event, creative strategy is the key to understanding and enhancing the purpose and impact of every experience.

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