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I am a freelance creative and strategic consultant with over 15 years’ experience. I work as a Startup Consultant, Pitch Expert, Experience Creator, Digital Project Lead and Brand Marketeer. I have a track record working internationally for high profile clients including Tokyo 2020, Rio 2016 & London 2012 Olympic Games, London Fashion Week, automotive, FMCG, technology and other consumer brands, governmental organisations and start-ups.


My diverse experience includes strategic problem solving, business planning, strategy, brand marketing, creative ideation & development and stakeholder management. I also specialise in the art of the pitch for which I have developed my own tools and techniques.


I’m passionate and fascinated by innovation, trends, technology, philosophy, culture and storytelling.

This is me

Pitch Expert

I am a pitch specialist with over 15 years international experience producing successful pitches and have won over £60 million worth of business in the past 5 years for a range of clients across Technology, Automotive, Government, Sport and FMCG.

I thrive on nothing more than a blank piece of paper and a deadline in which to articulate a unique proposition and a compelling story! I love the problem solving element of a pitch at the intersection of strategic, creative and commercial thinking underpinned by storytelling.

Depending on the pitch I either lead a team, collaborate as part of a team or work independently. 


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Unavine is on a mission to move beyond swiping and connect people authentically through video. We  want to empower and educate people in relationships through the Oneder Room; a TedTalk meets Netflix of short form relationship and personal development coaching videos.

As former co-founder, I was responsible for taking my idea from concept to MVP alongside developing brand positioning, partnerships and marketing strategy. 

Co-founder was created during lockdown to connect people on furlough with with skilled remote volunteer opportunities for charities and good causes. The initiative aims to give furloughed workers a purpose and help organisations that need it most. Furlonteer received over 1,000 sign-ups in the first 48 hours and over 100 charities were matched with ‘furlonteers’ in the first week.


As a co-founder I have led the brand marketing team of furlonteers from around the world with a shared mission - to connect those who want to help, with those that need it the most. We have been featured on BBC, Evening Standard, Sky, the Times and I spoke on a panel at PeepSec during London Tech Week. 

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