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Creativity empowering experiences. 

Explore my expertise across pitching, experience design and creative strategy. 

Why work with me

With over 20 years in the industry, I continually integrate the latest trends and technologies into my work, maintaining a cutting-edge perspective at the intersection of technology, experiences, and culture. 

Nancy Duncan X Consultancy offers customised services in pitching, experience design, and creative strategy ensuring that creative visions align effectively with practical business objectives for brands, agencies, and startups.

Let's connect and explore how we can transform your ideas into reality with creativity and commercial insight.

Let's create something extraordinary. 

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Pitch Power Hour
Experience Design
Creative Strategy


Intensive, focused sessions to refine and perfect your pitch. More than an hour, these sessions provide personalised advice, strategic insights and an actionable blueprint. 


Designing engaging experiences for brands that captivate and connect with audiences.


Crafting strategies that are not only innovative but also align with your brand, business goals and market needs.

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Random facts about me!

Random facts are the puzzle pieces to personality - quirky, insightful, and delightfully surprising!

  • NYLon Life
    I split my time between New York and London, living a NYLon life with four months a year in New York and the remainder in London.
  • Dating app Founder
    I co-founded the dating app, Oneder. It succeeded because I met my now Husband through it but failed because it no longer exists!
  • Middle East Expat
    I've lived in Dubai for 4 years and have spent a lot of time in the Middle East consulting for projects in KSA and UAE.


And an insight into working with me. 

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A weird sounding portmanteau of the words "physical" and "digital" to describe experiences that leverage the best of both.  I love truly "phygital" experiences and can’t wait to see what the future holds…


A new field of study at the intersection of neuroscience and aesthetics exploring how the brain processes beauty, art, and aesthetically pleasing experiences. 


As a basic human need fascinates me… The psychology of human connection and how it drives many of our behaviours and decisions fascinates me. 

Nancy has worked with us on some of our most complex and ground breaking work. Her creative, yet pragmatic approach ensured that we delivered amazing work for our clients.


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