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Rules for Virtual Engagement

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

As 2020 uncertainty continues to take hold, it looks like virtual events and experiences are here to stay. But how can these be different from the new normal of working from home and zoom fatigue? Here are my rules for virtual engagement - what are yours?

1. Take advantage of the medium Take advantage of the fact people are in their home environment and that virtual events mean a greater opportunity for personalisation and interactivity. Remove zoom fatigue by thinking outside the box and harness the latest technology has to offer from Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality all from the comfort of their home. 2. Create a 'Phygital' experience Send physical elements in advance of the virtual experience from event swag to beta testing of new products and technological enhancements. Just because the experience is virtual there can still be real food with bespoke catering boxes and fresh coffee deliveries to show you value your audience and differentiate the experience from working from home. 3. Treat attendees as collaborators Virtual events need to be more interactive or user-led to draw the participant into the screen and event. Unite virtual attendees with a common purpose to learn, innovate or solve a challenge. Collaboration and camaraderie are strong forces of engagement. 4. Virtual Connections  Create innovative networking opportunities that are fun and meaningful with guests inspired to connect, collaborate and share knowledge. From virtual "speed dating" around specific topics to avatar or gamified networking the virtual world can provide a different but equally valuable networking platform, event better if you can curate a sense of (data-driven) serendipity.

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